• Birth / DeathBeware of rubella (*In Japanese, Rubella is [風しん] ・ふうしん・fuushin)

Beware of rubella (*In Japanese, Rubella is [風しん] ・ふうしん・fuushin)

Working towards eliminating rubella by 2020

In order to eliminate congenital rubella syndrome at an early stage, and based on National Government policies aiming to eliminate rubella by the year 2020, Kobe City is promoting initiatives to fight the disease.

About rubella

Rubella poses a medical danger to pregnant women. It is most dangerous to your baby if you catch it early in your pregnancy. There is a possibility your baby could develop congenital rubella syndrome, resulting in fetal malformation (damage to the baby’s heart, eyes, and ears).
Rubella can be prevented by vaccine. In order to prevent the spread of rubella, particularly to vulnerable pregnant women, vaccinations are recommended for the following:

  • (1) Husbands/Partners and children of pregnant women, as well as anyone else residing in the home
  • (2) Pregnant women who wish to be vaccinated
  • (3) Women in the puerperium (postpartum) stage of child delivery (usually defined as the first 6 weeks after childbirth)

Subsidies for Rubella Anti-body Tests and subsidies for Measles Vaccinations are available (links in Japanese).
*Inquiries should be directed to the Health and Welfare Department (保健福祉部・ほけんふくしぶ・hokenfukushibu) in your respective ward office.
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What is rubella?

  • (1) It is transmitted by infected droplets of coughs and sneezes that others breathe in.
  • (2) The incubation period is from 14-21 days after infection (16-18 days on average).
  • (3) Symptoms include a red rash spreading from the face to the rest of the body, a fever, and swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and behind the ears.
  • (4) If a woman in the early stages of pregnancy contracts rubella, the foetus will also contract it and may develop heart problems, sight and hearing disabilities (congenital rubella syndrome).

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