• Japanese learning materialsSeikatsu Nihongo Text (Authored by KFC)

Seikatsu Nihongo Text (Authored by KFC)

We, the Kobe City Government, have created the "Seikatsu Nihongo Text nadeshiko japaniizu" Japanese textbook in cooperation with

the NPO Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center (KFC).

The textbook aims to make it easier for foreign residents to acquire Japanese language skills necessary for their everyday life. We have also created “Oshiekata Manual”, a manual for instructors who will teach Japanese to foreign residents using the aforementioned textbook. The text and manual are freely available for download below. We hope that you will make the most of them!

Oshiekata Manual for Japanese Instructors

Oshiekata Manual (Chapters 1-12)(431.17 KB)

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