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Be prepared for disasters

Consultation service for non-Japanese people in times of disaster

If a disaster occurs, in response the Kobe International Community Center will set up a consultation service for non-Japanese people to answer inquiries and provide information.


Kobe International Community Center

Address: Asta Kunizuka 1-Bankan, South Building 4F 5-3-1, Udezuka-cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe 653-0036
TEL: 078-742-8705

Disaster information

The “Disaster response card” contains useful information for disasters in multiple languages. It is distributed at foreign schools, ward offices and through foreign communities.

Evacuation shelters

Elementary schools, Junior High schools and public facilities are designated as evacuation shelters during emergencies.

  • Map of evacuation shelters  (link to Yahoo! site, Japanese only)
  • Evacuation points in the event of a disaster (emergency evacuation sites / places of refuge)
  • Indoor emergency evacuation sites(in the event of a landslide, flood or tsunami) table
  • Outdoor emergency evacuation sites(in the event of an earthquake, tsunami or large fire) table

Emergency message boards

Emergency message boards will be activated on the following pages if a disaster happens, where you can inform friends and family about your safety and read their messages, should they leave them.

Disaster information

  • Hyogo Bosai Net

    Hyogo Bosai Net is a service which quickly sends weather and evacuation information to citizens in times of disaster.
    When there is no disaster, it provides disaster and drill information for preparatory purposes.
    The Hyogo Emergency Net service is also available in 5 languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Vietnamese) which sends translated and preset information.

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