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Looking for work?

Looking for work?

Employment information provided by public institutions

  • Kobe Employment Services Desk for Foreign residents
    1-3-1 Aioi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe
    TEL: 078-362-8610
    Available languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and Vietnamese

Hello Work Plaza Sannomiya

Nihon Seimei Sannomiya Ekimae Bldg. 1F Nihon Seimei Sannomiya Ekimae Bldg. 1F
TEL: 078-231-8609  

Information Provided by Private Sector Sources

International students studying in Japan may also want to note the following

※ Japanese language capacity is important in looking for a job in Japan. International students are encouraged to acquire Japanese language skills as much as possible.
※ It is also important to acquire specific skills and qualifications.

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