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The Long-Term Care Insurance System

1. Members of the long-term care insurance system

  • Those living in Kobe City between 40 and 64 years old (secondary insured persons) who are enrolled in medical-care insurance (employee health insurance, national health insurance etc.).
    Premiums are decided based on the calculation method of the public medical insurance to which they are enrolled. Long-term care insurance premiums are paid on top of medical-care premiums.

  • People aged 65 and over (primary insured persons). Premiums are based on the individual’s and family’s income (standard amount x 0.4~2.5, depending on which of the 15 levels is applicable), and paid in various ways such as by deduction from pension, bank transfer and so on.

2. Those who can use long-term care services

  • Those 65 years or over
    For those aged 65 or over to use long-term care services, first it is necessary to apply and receive certification that long-term care or support is required.
    【Circumstances where long-term care is required】
    Due to bed confinement, dementia etc., constant care is required when bathing, going to the toilet, eating meals and other activities required for daily life
    【Circumstances where support is required】
    Constant care is not needed, but help with housework, dressing and other daily activities is necessary
    There are 7 categories of care, and the services that can be used depend on which category the person falls under.

    *Categories: Requiring support 1 Requiring support 2
    Requiring long-term care 1 Requiring long-term care 2
    Requiring long-term care 3 Requiring long-term care 4
    Requiring long-term care 5

  • Those aged from 40 to 64
    Persons from 40 to 64 years of age may use the service when care is required due to a stroke, dementia, terminal cancer and other aging-related illnesses (*specified diseases).

    *Specified diseases: 16 in total, including terminal cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis with fracture, cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, presenile dementia, etc.

3. The process from application to certification

  • Application for long-term care requirement certification:It is convenient to consult an “Egao no Madoguchi” or “Anshin Sukoyaka Center” and request that they send for the application form and start the procedures.

  • Certification assessment:An assessor commissioned by the City will visit the home, hospital, etc. to enquire about the physical condition of the individual and so on based on 74 nationwide standard criteria, and will ask about the family situation and living environment.

  • Use of services:A care plan can be created, services can be used and appointments can be made by requesting it from an “Egao no madoguchi” or “Anshin Sukoyaka Center”.

4. Contact information

  • General enquiries (regarding long-term care services, protection of rights, dementia, abuse of the elderly)
    ⇒Consult an “Anshin Sukoyaka Center”

  • Long term care requirement certification enquiries  
    ⇒The “Anshin Sukoyaka” official at the local ward office

  • Enquiries regarding concerns about property and assets management, rights violations suffered by elderly people with dementia, etc.
    ⇒”Kobe Anshin Support Center”TEL: 078-271-3740

  • Enquiries regarding senior citizens’ housing arrangements such as moving home, etc.
    ⇒”Kobe City Sumai no Anshin Support Center “Smile Net””
    TEL: 078-647-9900

  • Enquiries regarding consumer problems, etc of the elderly
    ⇒Kobe Living Information Center TEL: 078-371-1221

  • Complaints regarding the long-term care service 
    ⇒Long-term care service complaint deskTEL: 078-332-5617

5.Kobe City long-term care insurance communication support project

For foreign residents living in Kobe who have difficulty communicating in Japanese, “Communication Supporters” are dispatched to interpret, etc. at the certification assessment and care plan creation stages. 
Also, the long-term care insurance awareness flyer is being created in various languages.

  • 1. The individual does not need to pay. Kobe City will bear the cost of dispatching the interpreter.

  • 2. If an interpreter is required, an application form must be submitted to Kobe City or to one of the support groups below. The application can be completed by not only the individual him/herself, but also the family, care manager, or support group.
Language Long-term care insurance flyer available Support Group
Korean Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center
TEL: 078-612-2402
Chinese Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center 
TEL: 078-612-2402
Multi Language Center FACIL
TEL: 078-736-3040
Portuguese Comunidade Brasileira de Kansai (CBK)
(Kansai Brazilian Community)
TEL: 078-222-5350
Vietnamese NGO Vietnam in KOBE
TEL: 078-736-2987
English Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center
TEL: 078-612-2402

*For more details, please contact the “Anshin Sukoyaka” official at the Health and Welfare Division of the area where you live.

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