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DV-Domestic violence-

1. DV

Domestic violence (DV) is violence perpetrated by someone close to you such as a spouse, lover or family member. Most victims of DV are women. The nature of DV is the use of violence to dominate and control another person. There are many different kinds of violence.

  • Physical violence ・・・hitting, kicking, dragging, throwing things at someone etc.
  • Emotional violence ・・・yelling, swearing, threatening, ignoring etc.
  • Sexual violence ・・・demanding sexual intercourse, noncooperation with contraception etc.
  • Financial violence ・・・not providing sufficient living expenses, not permitting to work etc.
  • Social violence ・・・limiting movements, not allowing to see friends, Taking your passport etc.
  • Using children as a weapon ・・・removing children, perpetrating violence in front of children etc.
  • The partner not cooperating with the renewal of your visa status, disrespecting your culture, discriminating the food of your origin.

If you are a victim of DV…

The responsibility for DV never lies with the victim. Whatever reason there may be, the responsibility for violence lies with the perpetrator. If you feel that you may be a victim of DV, don't suffer alone, please contact a specialist agency. If you wish to separate from the perpetrator, there are systems for temporary protection and restraining orders.

☆Petition for protection order…This is an order to protect you from any danger.You must petition a district court by paper.

  • Stay-away order…An order to prohibit your husband or partner from approaching you. The duration of the decree is 6 months.
  • Stay-away order related to children/relatives…An order to prohibit your husband or partner from approaching children under 20 years/relatives who are living with you. The duration of the decree is 6 months.
  • Order to vacate…An order to have your husband or partner to leave the premises. The duration of the decree is 2 months.
    *When the husband or partner does not comply with the order, he/she will be dealt severely in accordance with the law.
    *When you believe you are still in harm's way after the period of the order of protection has ceased, you can reapply for a new one.
    *In order to petition for a protection order, it is necessary for you to go to a DV consultation rcom for women(Kobe City Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Center) or a division of "Life and Security" in a police station in advance, and consult about the violence of your husband/partner.

Consultation services ※Dial 110 in case of emergency

Name Consultation time Contact number
DV consultation room for women
(Kobe City Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Center)
Everyday (Except Dec. 28th- Jan. 4th)
9:00-12:00, 13:00- 17:00
WEB (in Japanese)
Support center for victims of DV
(prefectural organization
Everyday 9:00-21:00 078-732-7700
WEB (in Japanese)
NGO Network for Foreigners' Assistance KOBE Friday 13:00-20:00
English, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese,
Chinese (to 18:00)
WEB (in Japanese)
Women's Net Kobe Monday,
Wednesday, Friday
10:00 to 16:00
(Hotline DV for
Telephone for contact 078-734-1308
Telephone for consultation
WEB (in Japanese)
Hyogo Prefectural Police Department 24 hours 078-371-7830
WEB (in Japanese)
Ward office
Child and Family Support Division
Mon.-Fri. 8:45-17:30
Higashinada Ward Office 078-841-4131
Nada Ward Office 078-843-7001 
Chuo Ward Office 078-335-7511 
Hyogo Ward Office 078-511-2111 
Kita Ward Office 078-593-1111 
Hokushin Ward office 078-981-1748
Nagata Ward Office 078-579-2311 
Suma Ward Office 078-731-4341 
Kitasuma Branch Office 078-793-1313
Tarumi Ward Office 078-708-5151 
Nishi Ward Office 078-940-9501 

In addition, there is a division of Life and Security in the police station where you can temporally stay for consultation in regards to DV or each Health and Welfare Department in the ward offices also arranges consultations.

※Dial 110 in case of emergency

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