Kobe International Community Center

Looking for work?

Looking for work?
<Employment information provided by public institutions>

☆ Kobe Employment Services Desk for Foreigners
1-3-1 Aioi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe Tel (078)362-8610
Available languages: Chinese Mondays &Tuesdays
English, Spanish, and Portuguese: Wednesdays & Thursdayshttp://www.kicc.jp/kicc/common/img/flag/japan.gif

☆ Kobe Employment Services Desk for Foreigners (Outline shown above). (Visit as often as you like as information is regularly updated).
* * Kobe Mothers' Hello Work offers a kids' room/nursing room, and also provides information on child-care services. Note that services are available in the Japanese language only.
Hello Work Plaza Sannomiya (Hello Work Nada, Sannomiya Bldg.)
Nihon Seimei Sannomiya Ekimae Bldg. 1F Nihon Seimei Sannomiya Ekimae Bldg. 1F
Tel 078-231-8609  Fax 078-231-8610

☆ Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare pamphlet (contains detailed information)
English Chinese Korean Portuguese Spanish

☆ ☆ Hello Work Internet Services    Japanese language only

<Information Provided by Private Sector Sources>
☆ GaijinPot.com 
☆ Hiragana Times Jobs in Japan 
☆ Japan Times Jobs/Japan Times Monday edition 
☆ Daily Yomiuri (published every Wednesday)
☆ NAVI Job Japan (job information for foreign nationals in Japan) 
☆ Dai Job Inc 

<International students studying in Japan may also want to note the following>
☆ The Japan Student Services Organization has an employment information service for international students. 
☆ The International Foreign Students Association offers job placement services for international students. 

Additional tips:
* Japanese language capacity is important in looking for a job in Japan. International students are encouraged to acquire Japanese language skills as much as possible.
* It is also important to acquire specific skills and qualifications.

The translation is based on the data available as of February, 2016. Please note that new systems, system changes etc. may have been introduced after this date. Responsibility for the linked websites lies with their creators. Kobe City accepts no responsibility for their content etc.