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If you are involved in a traffic accident…

<1> If you…
① Are the victim of an accident
・Immediately report the accident to the police (dial 110)
・Get examined by a doctor even if you believe yourself to have only slight injuries
・Verify the other party's identity by viewing their driver's license or similar means. (Verify the address, name, insurance entry date, and insurance company of the other party and the owner of the vehicle)
・Secure witnesses and evidence of the accident. Obtain contact information for witnesses.
②Are the cause of an accident
・Arrange for the aid and treatment and an ambulance for the victim (dial 119)
・Notify the police (dial 110)
・Take measures necessary to prevent further danger -> place cones and guide other vehicles to ensure further accidents do not occur as a result of your accident
・Contact your insurance company (voluntary insurance)

<2> Accident Types
This is determined by whether there is a report of personal injuries to the victim or not. It is important to report any injuries, no matter how minor, in order to avoid later problems.
①Damage only accident  Car or other items are broken, or property damage occurs. The person responsible for the accident has a civil obligation to make reparations and is subject to administrative disposition.
②Accident resulting in injury or death  Someone is injured, or there is otherwise damage to a person. The person responsible for the accident will be subject to criminal punishment (vehicular negligence resulting in injury or vehicular negligence resulting in death, etc.) in addition to having a civil obligation to make reparations and being subject to administrative disposition.

<3>Claims for Damages
Claims for damages to insurance companies may be reduced based on rating blame (the percentage of blame for the accident attributed to the person who caused the accident and the victim). Major examples of claims for damages include (1) medical expenses, (2) compensation for leave from work (damages which supplement income when work is missed for medical treatment), (3) consolation money, (4) other, in addition to repair costs for vehicles there are also occasional where claims for damages are made for after effects.

<4> Insurance
Anyone driving an automobile must enroll in compulsory automobile liability insurance. Anyone who is not enrolled will be subject to criminal punishment and administrative disposition.

Drivers must enroll in compulsory automobile liability insurance (compulsory insurance). The amount of damages to be paid is 30,000,000 yen or less for death and 1,200,000 or less for injury, so damages often exceed simply paying treatment costs. For this reason it is important to consider enrolling in both workmen's compensation insurance and national health insurance as well as compulsory automobile liability insurance. This does not pay for damages to property.

Voluntary insurance is insurance which supplements the portions which compulsory automobile liability insurance does not cover. Compulsory automobile liability insurance is the minimum compensation available, so all drivers should enroll.

* People who whom the following applies should contact the appropriate parties.
・Persons working at a company (those enrolled in social insurance) and are involved in an accident during work or while commuting to work should contact their company and have them apply for a work related accident (workmen's compensation insurance)

<5> Traffic Accident Certificate
This is a document which records the date and time of occurrence, location, names of involved parties and other details about accidents reported to the police. This is issued by the Japan Safe Driving Center in order to provide the clear details about accidents that are required by the parties involved in the accident. (Rating blame is note noted.)
<Certificate Application Procedures>
① Application forms are available at police stations, police boxes, police substations and the Hyogo prefecture Japan Safe Driving Center office.
② Procedures can be carried out via postal transfer at nearby post offices, directly at the Hyogo prefecture Japan Safe Driving Center office or via the internet.
③ The certificate will be sent via postal mail.
④ Any number of copies can be requested via a single application with the fee for each copy at 540 yen.

Contact the Hyogo prefecture Japan Safe Driving Center office for details (Prefectural Police Headquarters, 5-4-1 Shimo Yamate Dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City)
Make inquiries by telephone at 078-351-7882, 7883, 7884. (Japanese only)

<Traffic Accident Consultation Counter>

① Hyogo Prefecture Traffic Accident Consultation Center (Japanese only)
Telephone: 078-360-8521
Operating hours: Advisor consultations  Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri./9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 (requires appointment)

② Nichibenren Traffic Accident CONSULTATION Center Kobe Consultation Center (Japanese only)
Telephone: 078-341-1717
Operating hours: Monday through Friday/10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 (requires appointment)

③ The Japan Center for Settlement of Traffic Accident Disputes Osaka Branch (Japanese only)
Telephone: 06-6227-0277

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