Kobe International Community Center

The Kobe International Community Center was established with the aim of making Kobe more international, “an easier place for foreigners to live”, as well as “promoting international exchange”. The KICC provides one-stop information in six languages on city administration and living in Kobe, counseling services on everyday issues, and various other services for promoting international exchange. We look forward to serving you!


KICC`s Mascot, Kokko-chan! 

★Birthday★    May 29th (The same day that KICC was founded)

★Personality★  A happy and cheerful girl who loves adventure

★Hobbies★    Viewing Kobe from Port Tower Occasionally going fishing Traveling

★Special Talent★She can draw all the flags of the world

★Her Dream★  To become an expert (?) in languages (In fact, she is studying now!)

★The truth is...★ If she tries really, really hard, she can fly!


Welcome to KICC
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(1) Information on city administration and living in Kobe

Consultation services on everyday matters, introducing specialized agencies for foreigners

Information on city administration and living in Kobe A variety of information related to Kobe City administration and living in Kobe

English: Mon - Fri

Chinese: Mon - Fri
Korean: Fri
Spanish: Tue・Thu

Portuguese: Thu

Filipino: Wed

*We also accept telephone inquiries between 9am and 10am.
Counseling on issues related to daily living Counseling on everyday matters

Counseling on immigration and residential status, administrative procedure for foreigners *requires reservation

Immigration and Visa consultation

Counseling on application procedures related to immigration and residential status

Counseling on application procedures for naturalization and other administrative procedures

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month 13:00~16:00


Specialist Consultation *requires reservation in case of interpreting service (English, Chinese, please inquire about others)

Labor issues

Kobe City Hall the No2 building 1F

1st and 3rd Thursday of every month 13:00~16:00
Insurance / Pensions

Kobe City Hall the No2 building 1F

2nd and 4th Thursday of every month 13:00~16:00

Kobe City Hall the No2 building 1F

1st and 3rd Friday of every month 13:00~16:00


Translation Service at Ward Office Help Desk

There is a translation service available at all ward offices, which allows foreign residents to communicate with officers by a three way cellular phone communication system.

Accompanied Interpretation  *requires reservation

Volunteer interpreters (available in six languages) can be dispatched to public facilities across Kobe City, including ward offices, so that foreign residents who do not understand Japanese can receive help with procedures and inquiries (reservation required). For more information

Information provided

Information on events organized by KICC and other international cooperation/exchange organizations and information on Kobe City are posted on the bulletin board at the Center and the KICC website.

Kobe Living Guide

Information on support services and groups, Japanese volunteers and language schools, etc. is posted in various languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish and Portuguese) on the KICC Website gKobe Living Guideh.

(2) Japanese culture and study support

International exchange volunteer activities

Purpose of the Program
The Kobe International Community Center (KICC) was established with the aim of making Kobe more international and an easier place for foreigners to live.
The main purpose of the program is to provide the chance to learn basic level Japanese language and culture, while also promoting mutual understanding between foreign and Japanese residents through the Japanese volunteer programs (Japanese language, calligraphy and flower arrangement).
The KICC is not a Japanese language school.  Your Japanese supporter is a volunteer to help you with your learning.



You can choose one of the following courses: Japanese Language, Calligraphy or Flower Arrangement.


Preconditions for Participation

  • You must be a foreign citizen 15 years of age or over living in Kobe City. (Excluding Junior High School students)
    Alternatively, you must be a returnee student or naturalized individual aged 15 years old or over whom the KICC recognizes has the need to take Japanese language classes. If you are under 18 years of age, please come to the KICC with your parent or guardian (family, host family etc.). If they are not able to come, please come to the KICC where we will give you an application form. Have your parent or guardian sign the “Parent/guardian’s signature” space, and bring it back to the KICC. Please make sure to write your parent or guardian’s name and telephone number in the emergency contact details section.
  • You must intend to live in Kobe for at least the next 7 months, and must be able to participate in the program once a week for 6 months.
  • For those who have previously participated in a KICC course, 1 month must have passed since your last lesson. (For example, if your last course finished in April, you may register from June.)
  • Those who are full-time students at a Japanese language school or are majoring in Japanese language at university or college who wish to take the Japanese language course may only apply on or after the 15th day of each month. (However, those who are taking Japanese lessons for under 12 hours per week or are enrolled in a short-term course no more than 3 months long are able to apply before the 15th.)
    (However, those who are taking Japanese lessons for under 12 hours per week or are enrolled in a short-term course no more than 3 months long are able to apply before the 15th.)
  • You must be able to follow these rules:  

    *You must be able to have your first meeting with your supporter at the KICC from 10am-noon or 1-7pm on a   weekday (Mon - Fri).

  • *When your course ends, you must answer a questionnaire.

    *When cancelling a lesson, you must notify your supporter and the KICC.

    What To Bring For Application 

  • Alien Registration Card or Resident Card (Application is possible after the card is issued)
  • Pen

*Application is available from 10 am to noon and from 1 pm to 5 pm on weekdays (Mon-Fri). 
A KICC staff member will conduct a brief interview with you.

Applications start from 1st weekday of every month for up to 65 people, so please come early to apply.
*You cannot apply on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.

*Only the person who is going to study can apply. (Substitution is not permitted.)
For more information, click here.

(3) International exchange

International exchange message board

Please feel free to use the message board provided in the Center for sharing nonprofit information or language exchange programs between Japanese and foreign residents, freecycling (items to give away and items wanted for free), and volunteer activities.

Meeting rooms (fees charged)

Meeting rooms are available for KICC-registered nonprofit international exchange organizations whose aim is to promote international exchange amongst citizens.

Meeting Rooms
MAX. people
Rental Fees
2 hours
4 hours
6 hours
8 hours
10 hours
1 hour extension
Meeting Room A
Meeting Room B
Meeting Room AB
(A&B together)

Books to lend

It is permitted to borrow some Japanese textbooks for one week.

Newspaper and magazine corner

Newspapers and magazines from around the world are available for reading. There is a selection of books introducing Japanese culture, international affairs, Japanese language study and international exchange, etc.

KOBE Free Wi-Fi 


Free Wi-Fi service is available inside the center.

KOBE Free Wi-Fi ロゴ

Free events

☆Cultural exchange day "Koryu Hiroba"- An event for Japanese volunteers and foreigners to meet and get to know each other (available for all foreigners).

☆Stories from all around the world "Sekai yomoyama banashi" – An event at which foreigners introduce their country.
…and many other events.


☆We have a registration system for people who can help with translating for people who cannot understand Japanese well when a disaster occurs.

☆Kobe International Fair
The Fair is held once a year by international exchange/cooperation groups.

◎ Contact


Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication
Kobe Commerce, Industry, and Trade Center Building 2nd Floor
5-1-14 Hamabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe

078-291-8441 (Office Hours: Weekdays 9:00am to 5:30pm, closed on Sundays, public holidays)
(Counter Hours: Weekdays 9:00am to 8:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am to 5:00pm, closed on Sundays, public holidays)
Open hours
Mon. to Fri. 10:00`20:00 Sat. 10:00`17:00, closed on Sundays, Japanese National Holidays, and a number of days over the new year holiday season.