Kobe International Community Center


Cultural Exchange Day

Tanabata Festival
What is Tanabata? What kind of festivals or events do you have in summer?
Meet new people and talk a lot!

Calligraphy trial event・Calligraphy Class
Kakizome is the first calligraphy you write in the beginning of New Year.
In old times, it was meant to be an opportunity to create fresh feelings and focus on new goals and attitude for the coming year.
Why don't you come along and make your new years resolutions in true Japanese style!
(2011.1 2014.1)

Ikebana Lesson


Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement, is a traditional art expressing Japanese sensitivity, refinedness and elegance.  Arranging flowers makes you relaxed by feeling the beauty of nature.  Experience Ikebana, in the hearts of Japanese people.


Summertime Yukata Lesson


Yukata wearing lesson for female foreign residents who want to learn how to put on a Yukata by yourselves.


Cultural Exchange Day
What do we eat on the day of Otsukimi?
The shade of the moon crater looks like a rabbit making rice cakes in Japan, But it is said to it look like a dog in Mongolia or a crab in Europe.
Can you see anything in the moon in your home country?
What kind of images do you have about the moon?

Cultural Exchange Day


What to do in these situations in Japan?

Learn about daily living practices and
etiquettes (manners)!




  • You can use the Japanese you have learned!

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Disaster Prevention Experience Tour


  • Disaster prevention practice for foreigners・Training for volunteer interpreters and translators during a disaster




For Foreign Residents Citizen EMT Training
Those who complete the course will be given a “Citizen EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Training Completion Certificate”.(2012.12 2013.8)