Kobe International Community Center

Counseling on everyday matters Visas / Passports Daily life notifications
Daily Life / Foreigner Support Group

About Status of Residence

Status of Residence List
Permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted

Consulates in Kansai
Status of Residence Certificate, Working Visa Certificate

Concerning the Introduction of a Preferential Point System for Individuals with High-Level Ability



Resident Registration(Previously known as Alien Registration) / Notifications Related to Residence Cards and Special Permanent Resident Cards/ Alien Registration Certificate of Registered Matters is now the Residence Record /

To Those Moving in From Other Municipalitiespdf /
To Those Moving to Another Ward Within Kobe Citypdf /
To Those Moving Outpdf /
To Those Moving Within The Same Wardpdf / Foreign Residents Who Enroll in the Kobe City National Health Insurance System / Persons E nrolled in the Kobe City National Health Insurance System
Pension / Driver's Licence
Seal Registration
Marriage, Divorce, Birth Official Notifications Related to Birthpdf
Report of Death

Official Notifications Related to Deathpdf
Returning Home Checklist


Troubles Translation / Interpretation Work / Labor issues

Domestic Violence Consultation /DV Consultation Contacts/ Divorce / Court Judgement
Work Problems /
Traffic Accident
Hyogo Prefecture Bar Association
Hyogo Prefecture Notary Public
Immigration, Residency Consultation
Human Rights Counseling Offices

Japan Legal Support Center


Interpretation(KICC) English

Interpretation(KICC) Filipino

Interpretation(KICC) Indonesian

Interpretation(KICC) Thai

Interpretation(KICC) French

Interpretation/ Translation 

How to Find Work
Employment Contract
Industrial Insurance
Comfortable living Driving license TAX

Renting an apartment room in Japan
How to Find a House
Municipal Housing
Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone
A Guide to Electricity
Mail / Banking 


Driving in Japan
Proof of Parking Space, Car Registration


Income Tax
Municipal Tax, Inhabitant Tax
Certificate of Tax Payment
Statement of Earnings
Medical / Health Welfare Childcare / Education

Medical Treatment Consultation List
List of Multi-Lingual Medical History Forms
Multi-Lingual Medical Facilities
Medical Interview Sheet Translation System (M3)
Medical Insurance

Influenza vaccination support has started

Notice Regarding Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)pdf


Nursing Insurance
Social Security
Childcare Allowance
Child Allowance Systempdf

Kobe City Welfare Medical Cost Support Systempdf

Pregnancy and Birth / Childbirth, Child Care

Periodic Vaccinations (Free of charge)pdf

Beware of rubella
New comprehensive support system for children and child-rearing Easy to understand guide
List of Nursery Schools and Kindergartens

Point & Communicate Sheet for Childcare Facilities
International School
Child Welfar Residential Facility


Study Japanese Transportation Hobby

Japanese Language Schools
Japanese Language Classes
Professional Training Schools
Student Loans and Scholarships
Learning Japanese on the Internet

Seikatsu Nihongo Text (Authored by KFC) / ”Easy Japanese” Living information study material

Subway / City Bus, Rail Mapspdf
Transportation Tickets
Access to Kansai International Airport
Home Stay & Home Visit

Sports Facilities
Museums & Art Museums
Rules / Information for Daily life Emergencies Facilities

Garbage Disposal App (download) 
Garbage Disposalpdf

Business Waste Disposal pdf
Traffic RulesLet’s keep new rules when riding a bikepdf
Churches /


Emergency care, Police, Fire
Traffic Accidents
Be prepared for disasters
119 call interpreting servicepdf

About the 119 emergency service system and how to callpdf

City Hall / Ward Office
Consulates in Kansai
Kobe City Sogo Information Center
Immigration Office
Kobe Regional Legal Affairs Bureau
Foreign Resident's Sogo Information Center
Kobe Notary Center


For refugees Tourism Other International Community Centers
Refugee Assistance Headquarters

Kobe City Sogo Information Center
International Cuisine
Multi-Lingual Restaurants

Muslim friendly Destinations in Kobe


International Exchange Associations in Hyogo, Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara and Wakayama Prefectures
Multilingual Information    

Orientation Guidebookpdf
Guide to Living in Japan / Ministry of Foreign Affairspdf
Guide to Living in Japan (leaflet) / Ministry of Foreign Affairspdf
Handbook of Learning Japanese and Life in Japan / Agency for Cultural Affairspdf



PDF page Japanese page page of Council of Local Authorities for International Relations(CLAIR)