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What is Social Security?

Financial worries with regards to medical fees and living expenses can arise when illness, injury or old age prevents people from working. Hardship caused by separation or bereavement can also cause similar worries. In such situations, the social security system guarantees a basic standard of living. It also supports those suffering from hardship to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Available Public Health and Welfare Departments/Divisions(Welfare Office)

Higashi-Nada Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 841-4131
Nada Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 843-7001
Chuo Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 232-4411
Hyogo Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 511-2111
Kita Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 593-1111
Kita Ward Branch Office 981-8870
Nagata Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 579-2311
Suma Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 731-4341
Suma Kita Suma Branch Office Public Health and Welfare Division 793-1313
Tarumi Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 708-5151
Nishi Ward Public Health and Welfare Department 929-0001

There are 8 kinds of assistance.

  • 1. Livelihood Assistance: Living expenses for daily necessities such as clothing and food
  • 2. Housing Assistance: Rent and land rent
  • 3. Educational Assistance: Compulsory education fees
  • 4. Medical Assistance: Treatment fees etc.
  • 5. Nursing Assistance: Nursing treatment expenses
  • 6. Childbirth Assistance
  • 7. Occupation Assistance
  • 8. Funeral Assistance

How to Receive Social Security Assistance.

We ask that people who are able to work do jobs suited to their abilities, and that other methods of support, such as assistance from relatives, and other social security systems including pensions, benefits, savings and assets are used for living expenses.

The Social Security Structure.

The decision regarding whether or not a person may receive social security is based on national standards, whereby the calculated lowest cost of living and income are compared, and a judgment is made. Therefore, an application for social security is not usually made individually, but as a household unit. 
When the income does not meet basic living costs, the shortfall will be made up by social security. 
Basic living costs vary according to the age and number of people in a family, and the content of the support varies according to lifestyle conditions and household income.

Decisions on receipt of social security are made by comparing the basic cost of living with the household income.

Able to receive social security   Unable to receive social security
  • (Income is lower than the basic cost of living)

  • (Income exceeds the basic cost of living)

Basic costs of living   Basic costs of living  
Income Social Security Payments   Income

Social Security Procedures.

The application for social security should be made at the Welfare Office near your home (Ward Office, Public Health and Welfare Department/Kita Suma Branch Office Public Health and Welfare Division).  At the Welfare Office a full-time interviewer is available for consultations. If you are concerned about your livelihood, first of all you should go to the Welfare Office.
Social security only applies from after the day of application.

For more information please see the link below:

Guide to Public Assistance

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