The Kobe City Public Health Management Center asks you to follow these guidelines d uring the State of Emergency

    A State of Emergency has been declared in Hyogo Prefecture from January 14 to February 7.

    In order to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus, please refrain from dining in large groups or for long periods of time, stay at home, and keep to the following basic prevention measures during this period.

    3 important things to keep in mind

    • 1. When gathering with friends or family , keep the windows open for ventilation (even if it is cold).
    • 2. If going somewhere that is expected to be crowded, wear a mask and wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly (especially the fingertips)
    • 3. Even if you do not have a fever, do not go out if you have coughing or other cold like symptoms, and wear a mask even at home

    Be especially careful of these 5 settings

    • 1. Gatherings that involve drinking alcohol
    • 2. Dining in large groups or for long periods of time
    • 3. Conversations without wearing masks
    • 4. Spending time with others in a small space
    • 5. Changing locations during break time at work, such as the break room or changing room

    Additional requests

    • 1. 1. If you need to submit notifications or paperwork to city hall or the ward office, please try to submit them online.
    • 2. To reduce the risk of catching or spreading the virus, please promote staggered commutes or working from home.
    • 3. Please cooperate with the request to shorten business hours for eating and drinking establishments.