Japanese conversation communication system pilot project

    The KICC is joining a pilot project for a conversation-based communication platform that connects foreign residents in Kobe with senior citizen Japanese language volunteers. The Kobe City government aims to invigorate its economy by supporting startups, and it aspires to find new solutions to challenges in its residents’ everyday lives. This is one of the city’s projects that called for proposals and technologies for possible “new ways of life”.
     This pilot project will not only provide foreign residents of Kobe who are learning Japanese with an opportunity to practice Japanese conversation, but will also help acclimatize the senior volunteers to ICT-based communication. In addition, the project will create opportunities for interaction between Japanese and non-Japanese, as well as foster awareness toward international exchange. If you are interested in trying online Japanese communication classes, either as a student or supporter, please consider participating.

    Project Name: Conversation-Focused Communication Pilot Project to Connect JFL Learners and Active Seniors Online
    Sponsor: Helte Co., Ltd.
    Sponsored Service: Sail video call app
    Fee: Free (during the pilot period)
    *The service will finish at the end of the pilot period. To continue using the service, you will need to pay the service premium.

    About Sail system
    How to apply

    【Contact address】
    mail: info@helte-corp.com

    This project is not a part of the KICC’s Japanese Language and Culture Supporter Program. You must apply separately to join this project.