Temporary measures at the KICC (effective April 26th)

    The Japan’s government has declared a state of emergency for Hyogo from April 26th to May 11th. KICC will be closed from April 27th to May 11th.

    KICC Japanese Language & Culture Support Program will be suspended.

    Daily life advice over the phone is available during this period.


    Suspended Services (April 27th to May 11th)

    -KICC Japanese Language & Culture Support Program

    -Library access and checkout

    -Meeting room rental


    Currently available Services (effective April 27th)

    -Daily life advice via phone and email



    *The schedules and details described above may change if the policies of the government, Hyogo prefecture, and / or Kobe city are revised. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation

    (KICC office: 078-291-8441)