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Ward Office Help Desk

The Ward Office provides assistance through interpretation in 6 languages by telephone.
Assistance is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Filipino.

名称/Name 所在地/Address 電話/TEL 郵便番号/
Post Code

東灘区役所(ひがしな だくやくしょ)

Higashinada Ward

東灘区住吉東町5-2 -1 (ひがしなだく すみよし ひがしまち)
5-2-1 Sumiyoshi-higashimachi,Higashinada-ku WEB
078-841-4131 658-8570
灘区役所(なだくやく しょ)
Nada Ward
灘区桜口町4-2-1 (なだく さくらぐちちょう)
4-2-1 Sakuraguchicho,Nada-ku WEB
078-843-7001 657-8570
中央区役所(ちゅうお うくやくしょ)
Chuo Ward
中央区雲井通5-1- 1(ちゅうおうく くもいどおり)
5-1-1 Kumoidori,Chuo-ku WEB
078-232-4411 651-8570
Hyogo Ward
兵庫区荒田町1-21 -1(ひょうごく あらたちょう)
1-21-1 Aratacho,Hyogo-ku WEB
078-511-2111 652-8570
Kita Ward
北区鈴蘭台西町1- 25-1(きたく すずらんだい にしまち)
1-25-1 Suzurandai-Nishimachi WEB
078-593-1111 651-1195
Nagata Ward
長田区北町3-4-3 (ながたく きたまち)
3-4-3 Kitamachi,Nagata-ku WEB
078-579-2311 653-8570
Suma Ward
須磨区大黒町4-1-1 (すまく だいこくちょう)
4-1-1 Daikokucho, Suma-ku  WEB
078-731-4341 654-8570
Tarumi Ward
垂水区日向1-5-1 (たるみく ひゅうが)
1-5-1 Hyuga,Tarumi-ku WEB
078-708-5151 655-8570
Nishi Ward
西区玉津町小山字川端 180-3(にしく たまつちょう こやま あざ かわばた)
180-3 Tamatsucho-koyama-kawabata WEB
078-929-0001 651-2195

☎Telephone Interpretation is available at Ward and Branch Offices in Kobe☎

There is a special cell phone available at each ward and branch office that will connect with an interpreter to allow for direct communication with the Ward and Branch Offices receptionists.
(Only questions regarding issues that fall under ward office jurisdiction will be answered.)

Available languages are: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Filipino

  • Available at all Ward Offices in the City and Kita-Suma Branch Office, Hokushin dispatched office, Seishin-chuo despatched office
  • Available times: Monday through Friday (not including holidays or 12/29 – 1/3) 9-12am and 1-5pm

    (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday – Vietnamese from 10:00am)
    (Filipino is only available on Wednesdays.)

  • How to use:
    ①Please ask for the floor manager who will clarify your enquiry, and then direct you to the appropriate division.(The floor manager wears an armband.)
    ②Staff from the division will then phone an interpreter.  After the connection has been made, client, staff, and interpreter will conduct a 3 way conversation. There is a chance an interpreter may not be available, or you may have to wait for one to become available.
Reception Window Reception Area
Higashinada Ward Office 2nd floor
Nada Ward Office 2nd floor
Chuo Ward Office 2nd floor
Hyogo Ward Office 2nd floor
Kita Ward Office 2nd floor
Hokushin Branch Office Citizen Services Division (Floor Manager)
Nagata Ward Office 1st floor
Suma Ward Office 1st floor
Kitasuma Branch Office 4th floor
Tarumi Ward Office 2nd floor
Nishi Ward Office 1st floor
Seishin-chuo despatched office

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