Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe International NGO
Established in 1989
Supported by UNFPA and
the Kobe City Government


AUICK 2004 First Workshop Outline

I. Background

The Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe (AUICK) was established in 1989 with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the City of Kobe.  AUICK's mission is to foster understanding of population and sustainable urban development issues and help provide solutions to challenges which medium-sized cities in Asian countries face. Since its establishment, AUICK has conducted four rounds of inquiries and five rounds of in-depth studies, and invited 256 senior officials from 76 medium-sized cities in 13 Asian countries.

AUICK has launched a new strategic project for the year 2004-2007, jointly with UNFPA, aiming to create a number of viable "critical masses" of trained personnel within the selected nine Asian medium-sized cities called AUICK Associate Cities (AACs) in nine countries of Asia: Chittagong (Bangladesh), to be decided (China), Chennai (India), Surabaya (Indonesia), Kuantan (Malaysia), Faisalabad (Pakistan), Olongapo (Philippines), Khon Kaen (Thailand), and Danang (Vietnam).

Under this project, AUICK shall work to build organizational capacities to deal with major urbanization and related issues, including HIV/AIDS; poverty; education, particularly for girls and women; the conditions of slum dwellers; reproductive health among adolescents; water and sanitation; environment; and ageing.  AACs will then be model cities of their own countries, from which successful projects can be disseminated to other cities.

Concentrating on the selected nine cities will also facilitate AUICK's efforts to promote more effectively South-South exchange of ideas and experiences as well as promote the partnership with academic organizations and NGOs/NPOs.

II. Theme

"UNFPA Goals and Urban Policies"

III. Aim

This workshop is designed for the liaison officers appointed by the AACs mayors, who will communicate with AUICK on regular basis to ensure strong ties between AUICK and AACs.

The purpose is to deepen their understanding of UNFPA goals, AUICK's new strategy/project, how to concretize these goals and strategy in their urban policies, criteria of proper trainee selection, to grasp their needs of the training programs, and to hold a coordination meeting on presentation of their cities and action policy for the AACs network to be made by their mayors at the AACs Conference to be held in Kobe from July 30 to August 2.

IV. Invited Cities

AUICK Associate Cities (one officer from each city)

  • Chittagong (Bangladesh)
  • Weihai (China)
  • Chennai (India)
  • Surabaya (Indonesia)
  • Kuantan (Malaysia)
  • Faisalabad (Pakistan)
  • Olongapo (Philippines)
  • Khon Kaen(Thailand)
  • Danang (Vietnam)

V. Schedule

Sunday, June 13 – Saturday, June 19, 2004.

Date Programs Staying at
June. 13
Arrive in Japan at Kansai International Airport. Kobe
June. 14
•Opening Ceremony.
•Lecture on "Administration Mechanism of Japan and Outline of Kobe" by Director of AUICK.
•Lecture on "AUICK New Strategic Projects and Concretization in City Planning" by President of AUICK.
•Lecture on "UNFPA Goals" by UNFPA expert.
•Welcome Reception.
June. 15
•Discussion about themes for future programs
•Preparation for AACs Conference
June. 16
•Preparation for AACs Conference Kobe
June. 17
•Site Visit to the Conference venue and related places
Move to Tokyo
June. 18
•Site Visit to UNFPA Tokyo Office and related places Tokyo
June. 19
Leave Japan from Narita Airport

* The program is provisional and subject to change.
* The course is conducted in English. (Lectures in Japanese will be simultaneously interpreted into English.)

VI. Participant Nomination Procedures

1. Nomination
(1) Deadline: Monday, May 10, 2004
(2) Documents required:

a. Letter of Nomination (Form A) One copy completed by Mayor of the city.
b. Application Form (Form B)   
One copy completed by the nominee and signed by the Mayor.
c. Photograph
*Photograph should be square, preferably trimmed to 4cm~3cm, full face, front view, and head-shot.
One sheet should be attached to the Form B.
d. Photocopies of all pages of nominees passport that describe the nominees status One copy

2. Procedures for entry to Japan
In two weeks after AUICK receive the nomination documents, AUICK will send the necessary documents direct to the nominee for visa application such as a notification of acceptance, and a letter of guarantee.  The nominee should immediately apply for an entry visa at a Japanese consular office in their country.  Expenses for obtaining passport and visa will not be reimbursed.

VII. Invitational Conditions for Participants

AUICK will provide participants with the following:
(1) Economy-class round trip airline ticket between the nearest airport to each participant's residence and the international airports in Japan for arrival and departure.
(2) Travel expenses between the accommodation and the international airport in Japan.
*Airport tax to be paid in each participant's country will not be reimbursed.
(3) Accommodation (including breakfast.)
(4) Living allowance of 7,200 per day for meals and incidental expenses during the workshop period in Japan.
(5) Short-term insurance to cover injuries or illness from the time of entry to Japan until the departure from Japan. (Preexisting illnesses and dental treatment are not covered by the insurance.)
(6) Internal transportation for the workshop programs.
Note: Expenses other than those mentioned above should be borne by participants themselves.

VIII.  Responsibilities of Participants

Participants are required:
(1) To abide by Japanese laws and regulations during their stay in Japan.
(2) To follow the regulations and schedule of the workshop prepared by AUICK and the Kobe City Government.
(3) No one is allowed to accompany the participants.
(4) To leave Japan at the termination of the workshop.  (The visa issued to participants will not allow them to stay in Japan beyond the workshop period.)

IX. Kobe's Climate

Kobe's average temperature in June is between 19.5??C (the lowest) and 26.4??C  (the highest).  The humidity averages 74 %.  The precipitation is 392.5 mm.

X. Program Organizers

1.  The Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe (AUICK)
Kobe International House 20F, 8-1-6, Goko-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0087, Japan
Tel: +81-78-291-8031     Fax: +81-78-291-0691
E-mail:    URL:

2.  Kobe City Government
6-5-1, Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-8570, Japan
Tel: +81-78-322-5010    Fax:+81-78-322-2382


I.   Background

II.   Theme

III.   Aim

IV.   Invited Cities

V.   Schedule

VI.   Participant  
       Nomination Procedure

VII.   Invitational           
       Conditions for

VIII.   Responsibilities of

IX.   Kobe's Climate

X.   Program Organizers