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Tatsuo Yada To Chair AUICK

Following the resignation of Mr. Kazutoshi Sasayama, Mr. Tatsuo Yada assumed the chairmanship of the Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe (AUICK) on 1 April 2006.

Tatsuo Yada A native of Kobe, Mr. Yada graduated from Mikage High School in March 1958, and started his career as an official of the Kobe City Government in April 1959. Since then, he has consistently devoted himself to the development of Kobe City and promotion of the citizens’ life. His broad experience in city administration includes comprehensive city planning, social welfare, economic affairs, housing and airport development.  As an all-round player, the social welfare experience is the richest and most interesting to him. In April 1994 he was promoted to Director General of the Airport Project Head Office. In April 1997 he was appointed Director General of the Public Health and Welfare Bureau. In March 2000 he retired from the Kobe City Government, and served as Executive Director of Kobe City Social Welfare Council. In April 2001 he was named to Deputy Mayor of Kobe. In November 2001, he was elected as the 15th Mayor of Kobe, and succeeded Mr. Sasayama who had served as mayor for 12 years or three terms. In November 2005 he won reelection as mayor.

In 1971 Mr. Yada obtained a graduate degree from the Faculty of Law, Kansai University. He likes to jog and work out despite his busy schedule. His favorite phrase is “One for All, and All for One”. He is a good husband as well as a good father of one son and one daughter with four grandchildren.

Mr. Sasayama, who will become 82 years old this year, keeps in quite good health, and continues to work actively for AUICK as a special advisor from 1 April 2006.


News from AUICK
on 1 April 2006

Tatsuo Yada To Chair AUICK

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