Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe International NGO
Established in 1989
Supported by UNFPA and
the Kobe City Government


The 2004 AUICK Associate Cities Conference on ICPD Tenth Anniversary Review:
The Current Status and Future Challenges of Asian Medium-Sized Cities

I. Background

The Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe (AUICK) is an international non-governmental organization established in 1989 with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Kobe City Government. AUICKfs aim is to build an extensive information and human network with Asian medium-sized cities as a means to assist in the resolution of population and urban problems.  AUICK has focused its activities on three fields: (a) Research studies on population and administrative issues in Asian medium-sized cities; (b) Information collection and dissemination; and (c) Capacity-building for senior officials of Asian middle-sized cities. Since its establishment, AUICK has invited more than 250 senior officials from 77 cities, in 13 countries, to training programs.

The coming four-year period represents an important strategic turning point for AUICK. Under the new project for the years 2004-2007, jointly with UNFPA, AUICK aims to create a number of viable gcritical massesh of trained personnel within the selected nine Asian medium-sized cities, called AUICK Associate Cities (AACs), in nine countries of Asia: Chittagong (Bangladesh), Weihai (China), Chennai (India), Surabaya (Indonesia), Kuantan (Malaysia), Faisalabad (Pakistan), Olongapo (Philippines), Khon Kaen (Thailand), and Danang (Vietnam). Under this project, AUICK shall work to build organizational capacities to deal with major urbanization and related issues so as to meet ICPD POA and MDGs, focusing on HIV/AIDS; poverty; education, particularly for girls and women; the conditions of slum dwellers; reproductive health among adolescents; water and sanitation; environment; and ageing. AACs will then be model cities of their own countries from which successful projects/activities can be disseminated to other cities.  Concentrating on the selected nine cities will also facilitate AUICKfs efforts to promote more effectively, the South-South exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as promote partnerships with academic organizations and NGOs/NPOs.

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II. Conference Aims

The conference is organized to initiate AUICKfs new strategic project for the years 2004-2007. It is also to commemorate the 15th anniversary of AUICK and the 10th anniversary of the International Conference of Population and Development (ICPD) held in 1994 by the United Nations. It will provide a forum for the participants to identify major challenges affecting each city with regard to population and sustainable urban development, define action goals and plans to solve these problems, and strengthen collaboration centering on AUICK alignment among AACs, UNFPA country offices, academic organizations, and NGOs/NPOs, under the new strategies. This conference is expected to be a catalyst for further development of activities through the network of international cooperation among Asian medium-sized cities that AUICK has been nurturing, in collaboration with the UNFPA and the City of Kobe, over the last fifteen years.

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III. Expected Participants


1) Mayors of AUICK Associate Cities and their assistants :

  • Chittagong (Bangladesh)
  • Weihai (China)
  • Chennai (India)
  • Surabaya (Indonesia)
  • Kuantan (Malaysia)
  • Faisalabad (Pakistan)
  • Olongapo (Philippines)
  • Khon Kaen (Thailand)
  • Danang (Vietnam)
2) UNFPA Representatives:
  • Director of the Asia Pacific Division of UNFPA  
  • Director of UNFPA Tokyo office
  • Representatives of country offices
3) Representatives of Academic organizations recommended by IAC members.

4) Kobe City Government participants,  including the Mayor of Kobe and senior officials.

5) AUICK participants: IAC members, DAC members, EC members, and secretariat officials

6) KIC officials

7) Other guests

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IV. Schedule

          From the 30th of July until the 2nd of August, 2004.

July 30 (Friday)



Welcome Reception hosted by AUICK


July 31 (Saturday)


09:30- 09:40

Opening Speech by Mr. Kazutoshi Sasayama, Chairman of AUICK


Keynote Speech by Mr. Sultan Aziz, Director of Asia and the Pacific Division, UNFPA


Speech by Mr. Tatsuro Yada, Mayor of Kobe


Selection of Officers


Coffee Break


Review Report on Medium-sized Cities in Asia, covering ICPD POA and MDGs of UNFPA by Dr. Gayl D. Ness, AUICK International Advisory Committee Member


Presentation of AUICKfs Future Programs by Dr. Hirofumi Ando, President of AUICK




Reports from Mayors (20 minutes for each Mayor)



Participants free time




August 1 (Sunday)


09:00- 12:00

Speech by representatives from Universities and UNFPA Country Offices Representative.
(Includes Summary by Dr. Ando)

 (15 minut


AAC Mayors from nine cities sign agreement to commit to the project


Lunch Meeting hosted by Mayor of Kobe


Visit to Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution and Mt. Rokko, including dinner (Optional)

August 2 (Monday)


09:30- 20:00

Site visit to Kobefs public utility facilities, including lunch & dinner (Optional)

* This program is provisional and subject to change.

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V. Conference Venue

International Conference Center Kobe 
, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku,
Kobe 650-0046, JAPAN
Tel: +81-78-302-5200       Fax: +81-78-302-6485

VI. Accommodation

Kobe Portpia Hotel    
6-10-1, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku,
Kobe 650-0046, JAPAN                                   
Tel: +81-78-302-1111 Fax: +81-78-
VII. Kobe's Climate

Kobe's average temperature in July/August is a high of 32‹C and low of 23
‹C, the average relative humidity is 75%, and precipitation averages 16cm.

VIII. Sponsors

UNFPA; Ministry of Foreign Affairs (TBD);
Kobe City Government;
International Center
for Cooperation and Communication (KIC)

IX. Organizers
Asian Urban
Information Center of Kobe (AUICK)
International House 20F,
, Goko-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0087, JAPAN
Tel: +81-78-291-8031       Fax: +81-78-291-0691

X. Further Information for Participants
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I.    Background

II.   Conference Aims

III.   Expected    

IV.  Schedule

V.   Conference Venue

VI.  Accommodation

VII. Kobe's Climate

VIII. Sponsors

IX.  Organizers

X.   Further Information  
      for Participants