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AUICK Monitoring Activities

Visits to AUICK Associate Cities: 
Danang (Vietnam) and Chittagong (Bangladesh)


1. Visit to Danang People's Committee, Vietnam
2. Visit to Chittagong City Corporation, Bangladesh
3. Visit to UNFPA Bangladesh, Dhaka
4. Visit to UNFPA Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand

1. Visit to Danang People's Committee

From 26-28 September 2010, Dr. Hirofumi Ando, President of AUICK, visited the Danang People's Committee, to review the progress of AUICK supported developments in the city and discuss future projects. AUICK has trained senior officials from Danang departments of education, health care, environment and urban planning at fourteen Workshops in Kobe since 2004. 

Danang City Hospital
A visit to Danang City Hospital
Danang People's Committee
Meeting at Danang People's Committee  

Dr. Ando met with Dr. Phung Tan Viet, Vice Chairman of the Danang People's Committee, who explained that the data generated  Information by the AUICK supported Management  Information System (MIS) with Danang University had been effectively utilized by Danang authorities and enterprises,  especially in annual socio- economic development planning. He also met Mr. Luong Minh Sam, Director of the Danang Foreign Affairs Department, and Ms. Nguyen Thuy Anh, Head of the International Cooperation
New Hospital in Danang
A newly constructed hospital for
maternal and child health care
 in Danang
Division and AUICK Liaison Officer, to discuss proposed technical support to the city for improved maternal and child health care services. Dr. Tran Dinh Vinh, Head, Obstetric Ward, Danang Hospital, explained the status of the current AUICK Research Project on Maternal and Child Health Care / Family Planning (MCH/FP), and visits were organized to Danang City Hospital, as well as a newly constructed 600-bed hospital, with a large maternal and child health department to deal with 70,000-90,000 deliveries per year, averaging around 25 babies per day. Professor Bui Quang Binh, Dean, Economics Department, Danang University of Economics and Business Administration, also informed on the progress of the AUICK supported Management Information System (MIS) Project, which provides the Danang People's Committee with population-based data to improve policy and service planning.


2. Visit to Chittagong City Corporation

meeting at Chittagong City Corporation
Meeting at Chittagong City Corporation

From 28-30 September, Dr. Hirofumi Ando, President of AUICK, visited the offices of Chittagong City Corporation. He met with the Mayor, Mr. Manjur Alam, as well as Mr. Mominur Rashid Amin, Private Secretary to the Mayor, Dr. Nasim Bhuiya, Project Manager PA-3, Second Urban Primary Health Care Project, and Dr. Salim Akhter Chowdhury, Chief Health Officer, to discuss collaborative projects with Chittagong. Prof. Dr. Anupam Sen, Vice- Chancellor, and Mr. Taufique Sayeed, IT Institute Project Director, Premier University, gave an account of the current progress of the Management Information System (MIS) set up in Chittagong, as an AUICK Workshop Action Plan to provide population related data to assist with policy formulation. Dr. Mohammad Ali, Medical Officer, Health Department, Chittagong City Corporation, and Dr. Subash Roy, Principal, Laboratory Medicine, Institute of Health
A local MCH clinic in Chittagong
A local MCH clinic in Chittagong
Technology, updated on the progress of the MCH/FP Research Project. This is being conducted in all nine AUICK Associate Cities (AACs) to facilitate dissemination of data and information on conditions and services, for policies and strategies to improve the health of mothers and children. 

AUICK Liaison Officer, Mr. A.K.M. Rezaul Karim, City Planner and Head, Department of Architecture and City Planning, provided information on Action Plan implementation of former AUICK Workshop participants, and Dr. Ando also visited a hospital and local health clinic in Chittagong, where he learned about ongoing MCH programs.


3. Visit to UNFPA Bangladesh, Dhaka

On 1 October, Dr. Ando met with Dr. Noor Mohammad, Assistant Representative, Mr. S.M. Jakaria, Programme Officer (RH) , and Ms . Yuki Suehiro, Deputy Representative, UNFPA Bangladesh, who explained the activities conducted with the city of Chittagong, including support to the AUICK MCH/FP Research Project.


4. Visit to UNFPA Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand

On 4 October, a meeting at the Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (APRO) of UNFPA was held with Ms. Nobuko Horibe, Regional Director, Mr. Najib Assifi, Deputy Regional Director and UNFPA Representative in Thailand, and Ms. Eriko Hibi, Regional Program Coordinator, UNFPA APRO, to discuss AUICK's ongoing work with UNFPA.

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