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Chittagong – As an AUICK Workshop Action Plan of 2009, a Management Information System (MIS) implemented by the city's Premier University is linking service statistic data from health centers with Chittagong City Corporation, for improved policy formulation. The city is also developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) to further strengthen maternal and child health care provision. 

A 2010-13 Canada International Development Agency (CIDA) project in Chittagong aims to improve maternal and infant health by establishing two community health centers and outreach facilities, training traditional birth attendants and peer educators, and mobilizing community groups to increase HIV/AIDS awareness. ( The Government of Bangladesh and the International Development Association (IDA) are supporting the Chittagong Water Supply Improvement and Sanitation Project to improve water supply and sanitation for around 250,000 slum dwellers. (

Weihai - Weihai has achieved the highest environment appraisal level of Shandong Province in 2010, based on environmental quality and management, increased power plant desulfurization and sewage treatment. (

Chennai - Construction has begun on a desalination plant to supply 100 million liters per day of potable water in Chennai, from an Rs six-billion plant. (chennaionline. com) (

Surabaya - The Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) is supporting a scheme in Surabaya to extend piped water connections to 15,000 low-income households of around 77,500 people. (

Kuantan – Kuantan Municipal Council is to launch an initiative in 2010 for members of the public to highlight problems affecting the community. Cell phone users will be able to report problems so that proper and fast remedial action can be taken. (

Faisalabad - Marking Mother and Child Health Week (1-6 November), the Department of Health, City District Government Faisalabad, has increased awareness programs, training of female health workers, registering AUICK News of all pregnant women and lactating mothers, and ante and post natal care, reproductive health education and nutrition programs. For children of 0-5 years of age, emphasis is on immunization, vitamin supplements, respiratory infection treatment and de-worming. Immunization Day was also marked with increased oral polio vaccinations, and vaccinations for every pregnant woman and medical worker against H1N1 (swine 'flu). (Dr. Masooma Sardar, AUICK Liaison Officer for Faisalabad)

Olongapo - A Management Information System (MIS) in Olongapo, supported by AUICK and UNFPA, has been named as a Project Best Practice by UNFPA Philippines Office. Implemented by the City Planning and Development Office as the Socio-Economic Information System, the MIS generates updated population data to improve service provision by Olongapo City Government. ( 

Olongapo City Government has created the City Energy Management Committee (CEMC), to intensify energy conservation and efficient utilization of power by Olongapo residents through seminars, surveys and conservation measures for the public and private sectors. Energy Conservation Officers (ECO) designated in each local community and Government department will monitor the program. (

Khon Kaen - The International Conference on Local Government (ICLG) was held by Khon Kaen University's College of Local Administration on 18-19 November, as the first global forum in Thailand on public administration and policy, local development and good governance. A case study on Kobe City was presented by Dr. Hirofumi Ando, President of AUICK, and Dr. Gayl D. Ness, Chairman, AUICK International Advisory Committee, presented on the challenges and dilemmas of local government in a global age. (

Danang - The fourth ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC 4) meeting was held in Danang on 16 August, focusing on dealing with global challenges, developing human resources for economic recovery, creating social welfare for women and children, and building cultural identity. (

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