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About the City

Surabaya is Indonesia's second largest city and has a population of around 3.5 million and an area of 326 square kilometers. Surabaya is located on the northern shore of Java, 674 kilometres east of Jakarta. The city was established in 1293, making it the oldest city in Indonesia and for many centuries it has been a centre for trade and commerce. The 18th century brought the Dutch and the beginning of the colonial era to Surabaya, with the city developed as a major port for Dutch East India. Today Surabaya is the commercial heart of East Java, with a large shipyard, numerous specialised naval schools and major exports which include sugar, tobacco and coffee.


Successful City Initiatives

The development strategy of Surabaya is one that recognises that it is important to provide advantages for inhabitants and to make the city safe and comfortable. Development in Surabaya is based on community interests, and policy is focused on sustainability, a community basis, and environmental preservation. Surabaya has been active in promoting partnerships with other countries, international development institutions, and key stakeholders to ensure that the city is managed in a sustainable way. Such partnerships enhance the flow of information for more informed planning decisions and for more equitable resource distribution and utilisation.

Issues Affecting the City

Surabaya is facing many complicated issues related to rapid urbanisation, including: a lack of urban infrastructure, lack of financial capacity, and a lack of human resources. Poverty is a major issue with approximately 249,000 people affected by this. Piped water supplies do not meet the city's needs, and 40% of residents still rely on wells and public hydrants. Other local issues are infectious diseases, seasonal flooding, and concerns over pollution and odours from poorly managed landfill sites. Education and healthcare suffer from a lack of funding and professional skills, and providing services for the increasing number of elderly in the city is an emerging issue.




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