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Kuantan is the sixth largest city in Malaysia with a population in the vicinity of 350 000 people, although many areas of Kuantan are not heavily populated, and overall density is just 87 people per km². Kuantan is now the state capital of Pahang Darul Makmur, has an area of 2000 km² and is the principle commercial centre for the entire east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. Existing since the 1850s, Kuantan is located on the central-eastern seaboard, 277 kilometres east of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. The main products are palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and petrochemicals. Heavy industry and the manufacture of machinery are also important to the economy.


Successful City Initiatives

The government has introduced a plan of action for slum areas that includes a government housing policy. Under this policy, all owners of private residential land greater than 2 acres must offer at least 30% of any developed housing units at a low cost not exceeding US $9200. At present 10 000 of these low cost housing units have been built and there is a target of 53 000 by 2005. The city government also has a programme called Local Agenda 21, whereby citizens are encouraged to participate in all local authority activities, including ideas sharing on the planning and development of the cityfs economy, infrastructure, and environment.

Issues Affecting the City

Issues Kuantan is facing in terms of development are: transport, water management and slums. The rapid growth of the city has led to much ad-hoc planning and the city suffers from severe traffic congestion and a lack of transport infrastructure. In terms of water supply, the city falls short by 3 million cubic meters of total demand and this is having economic and development repercussions. Unplanned slums can be found in nine areas of the city and these settlements lack basic amenities such as electricity, water supply and sanitation. The location of these settlements also restricts the development of city infrastructure such as roads and drainage.




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