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Faisalabad is Pakistan's third largest city. It has a population of around 2 million and covers an area of 168 km². Located about 850 kilometres northeast of Karachi, the city was founded in the 1890s by the British and is now an industrial and trade centre. Faisalabad was the first planned city in the Indo-Pak region and the city central displays a Union Jack as testament to its colonial origins. As an industrial city it is often called the "Manchester of Pakistan", as the approximately 800 large industrial units include many textiles and textile processing plants. Faisalabad also has many educational facilities, including the largest agricultural university in Asia.


Successful City Initiatives

Faisalabad has taken several steps to alleviate some of the more pressing issues affecting the city. Special projects have been implemented to target women's welfare, maintain a fire brigade and establish street lights. The city has also been focused on building greenbelts, parks, drains and roads. Solid waste management is being rejuvenated through a new landfill site and street sweeping machines. A housing scheme called Faisal Town has been launched to improve the living conditions of poor people in the city. Recently the city dedicated a park in the city to its friendship with Japan and the City of Kobe, and this park was named "Kobe Square."

Issues Affecting the City

Faisalabad is suffering from several serious problems related to high population growth and rapid urbanisation. The most pressing problems include solid waste management, sewerage and drainage, water supply, pollution, population explosion, high infant and maternal mortality, health, and education. Problems of traffic congestion, multi-speed traffic and a lack of parking places have also resulted from rapid and unplanned growth. The population explosion is a serious cause for concern and the alarming 2.6% growth rate cannot be supported by the city's infrastructure. This has caused the formation of countless slums where living conditions are often deplorable.




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