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Danang is the fourth largest city in Vietnam, with a population of approximately 752,439 and a land area of 1,256.2 km². Danang is located in central Vietnam, 764 kilometres south of Hanoi. Danang was founded in 1888 and today the main industries are service industries, manufacturing and construction, agro-forestry, fisheries and tourism; Hue City, Hoi An Old Town and My Son Sanctuary, UNESCO designated World Cultural Heritage Sites, are all located nearby. The city is considered one of the principal elements of the soon to be opened East-West Economic Corridor, and is a gateway between the Pacific Ocean and Laos, Northeast Thailand and Myanmar.


Successful City Initiatives

Danang is now considered to have one of the fastest rates of infrastructural development in Vietnam. For the past 7 years, through internal and external forces, Danang has become a green, clean and beautiful city, and has received national recognition for this. One particularly successful city initiative has been the Five No Programme: This programme states that Danang shall strive for: No beggars; No murder for robbery; No illiteracy; No addicts in the community; and No hungry households. The Danang authorities have been active in targeting these issues, with encouraging results so far and illiteracy and hunger, in particular, have been greatly reduced.

Issues Affecting the City

Urban planning is a problem as the fast growth has outstripped the city's housing facilities and placed extensive pressure on the authorities to build more houses and clear old structures. Hunger has been reduced but poverty still remains an issue, particularly for rural residents whose livelihood is threatened by low levels of mechanisation, a low quality of agricultural products, and low consumer demand. Waste disposal is a further issue with the city meeting just 85% of current demand. Fresh water supply remains restricted in many areas and supply of water and sanitation is particularly lacking in rural areas.




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