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The capital of Tamil Nadu State, Chennai is Indiafs fourth largest city and has a permanent population of around 4.7 million, a floating population of 1 million, and an annual increase of 200 000 people. The city encompasses an area of 174 km² and was originally named Madras upon its foundation as the first municipal chapter in India in 1688. Located on the Coromandel Coast, 1280 kilometres southeast of Mumbai, modern Chennai is now known as the gGateway to the Southh. There are many industries in Chennai, including automobiles, rail coaches, leather, textiles, tyres, glass, bicycles, petrochemicals, chemicals, I.T, films and education.


Successful City Initiatives

Tamil Nadu and the city of Chennai have implemented a successful project to address water scarcity issues. An ordinance has made it compulsory for all private homes and government buildings to harvest rain water. This peoplefs movement has achieved good results. The city has also initiated the eChennai City River Conservation Projectf to clear waterways and canals by providing embankments and diverting sewers for treatment rather than discharging wastewater into the river. Other successful programmes include a slum health programme, housing schemes and self employment schemes to improve the conditions of slum dwellers.

Issues Affecting the City

At present the city can only supply 70 litres of water per person per day, but this is far short of the norm of 120 litres. Collection, transportation and management of solid waste are major challenges for Chennai. The city generates 3000 tonnes of garbage per day and two present landfill sites are filling fast. Slum areas are expanding, with 1.3 million people now living in these areas that are characterised by unemployment, poor access to health care, and low levels of education. The 1.8 million vehicles that presently choke the city are responsible for much pollution, parking problems and frequent traffic accidents.




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