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Chairaman of AUICK

Tatsuo Yada
Chairman of AUICK
(Former Mayor of Kobe)

The Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe (AUICK) was established in 1989, with the commitment of the City of Kobe in collaboration with UNFPA, as an urban and information network for administrators of medium-sized cities in Asia to learn not only from the experience of Kobe, but from each others’ experiences of population and urban issues.

AUICK’s program has focused its activities on imparting knowledge and experience of urban development issues through research, information dissemination and the training of senior administrative officials of nine selected cities referred to as AUICK Associate Cities, or AACs.

A key component of the AUICK program is the ‘Action Plan’ system, to implement lessons learned from AUICK training workshops into the AAC administrations. This is complimented by a ‘two-step’ workshop system, to incorporate local academic experts and on-site training into the workshop system, and a technical support service for Kobe City specialists to assist in AAC project implementation. 

The program facilitates the network of North-South and South-South cooperation among Asian cities, which AUICK and the Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication (KIC), with the support of Kobe City Government and UNFPA, have been building for the last two decades.

We remain committed to working with governments, concerned local authorities, international organizations and research institutions, to provide information and know-how to increase capacities of city administrators, which will improve urban conditions and the welfare of citizens. 

1 April 2013 

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 Chittagong, Bangladesh
 Weihai, China
 Chennai, India
 Surabaya, Indonesia
 Kuantan, Malaysia
 Faisalabad, Pakistan
 Olongapo, Philippines
 Khon Kaen, Thailand
 Danang, Vietnam

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